Grading Procedures



*Math grades will be given according to the GO Math schedule.  There are 2 tests for each chapter. One will be given in the middle of the chapter and the other at the end. There will also be a Math vocabulary test at the end of the chapter that will cover the vocabulary gone over during the chapter.  I will also give other sheets or teacher made tests for grades throughout the nine weeks.

*There will be at least one reading assessment each week.  This test will come from two passages that your child will have to read and answer questions about.  This test will be completed online. The questions will be derived from the weekly comprehension and vocabulary skills that have been modeled and practiced throughout the week.  These skills are found on the weekly study guide so that you are informed about what type of skills are assessed on the test.  Please go over the study guide each night for additional practice.  Your child's test is saved each week on google drive after they complete the test. You can access these tests in order to view them with your child. During each nine weeks, your child will also receive grades for oral reading fluency.  Your child will read as many words as he or she can in one minute.  I will divide the words read by the goal for third grade to obtain a grade for your child.

*There will be a test grade each week in spelling.  There are fifteen regular words, three review and two challenge words.  All twenty words will be given on the test.  Once or twice during the nine weeks, I will take a grade for the phonics/spelling skill that is being taught.  This usually comes from a spelling practice book page.  

*Language grades will come from weekly Grammar tests.  This test is based on the skill taught during the week.  Homework is often given for these skills and should be completed to help with the material on the test.  In addition to the weekly test, I will be assessing your child's writing to see that he or she can apply the grammar skills and writing traits that have been taught. 

*Science or Social Studies grades will be given each week.  Some of the grades will be in the form of take-home projects.  A test is given at the end of the chapter. Many of the tests are given in an open book format.  

*The last grade your child will receive is S, N, or U in handwriting.  This grade is taken from handwriting sheets and writing assignments completed in class.

*Each day your child will bring home their Binder (Take Home Notebook). Inside it you will find their planner book that should be signed each day and any homework for that night placed into the return to school side of their binder. Students should write each night’s homework assignments in the spaces provided in their planner books. The conduct folder will be sent home on Tuesdays each week. If something unforeseen comes up and papers will have to be delayed for a day coming home, I will send a note home or send a message through SeeSaw.  Please look at the conduct sheet to see your child's conduct grade, low test scores, and AR points.  The graded papers will be inside of the conduct folder behind the conduct sheet. After you review the weekly papers and test, please sign in the space provided and return everything with a grade below a C in the conduct folder.  I will keep the graded papers on file.

*An AR Library book should be read nightly and returned to school the next day so your child can take an AR test on it.

*Conduct grade is taken weekly from the planner book in the binder (take home notebook).

*Handwriting and Health are graded with S, N, and U's.

*S=Satisfactory N=Needs Improvement U=Unsatisfactory

*Music and Art are integrated into ALL subject areas.