Classroom Discipline Plan
I am delighted that your child is in my classroom this year.  We can all look forward to many exciting and rewarding experiences as the year progresses.

As I firmly believe that life-long success depends on self-discipline, I have developed a classroom discipline plan that offers every student the opportunity to manage his or her own behavior.  Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth.  Therefore, this plan will be in effect at all times.

Each week every student will start with a conduct grade of 100.  If a student chooses to break a rule, it will result in a lower conduct grade.  The first infraction will be a warning.  Each infraction after that is a deduction of 5 conduct points.  At the end of the nine weeks, the weekly conduct grades will be averaged together resulting in the grade given on the report card.  Listed below is a list of the classroom rules and consequences.

Classroom Rules:
1. Talk only with permission, raise hand, and stay seated.
2. Be respectful to classmates and teachers.
3. Show good hall, restroom, and lunchroom behavior.
4. Come to class prepared.
5. Listen and follow directions.
6. Keep desk and work area clean.

1st Infraction: Make a better choice
2nd Infraction: Lose 5 conduct points
3rd Infraction: Lose 5 additional conduct points & call parent
4th Infraction: Lose 5 additional conduct points & go to the principal's office

To encourage students to follow the classroom rules, I will reinforce appropriate behavior with positive notes home, praise, stickers, free time, special activities, and "no homework" coupons. These coupons cannot be used for items that count as a test grade.