GrAdInG PrOceDuReS


*Math grades will come from the Go Math and Fact Assessments.

*Reading grades will come from Reading Assessments on your child’s reading level, reading comprehension tests, teacher made tests, and center participation.

*Spelling grades will come from weekly spelling tests and spelling notebook.

*Language grades will come from weekly Grammar tests.

*Science, Health, and Social Studies grades will come from class participation and completion of assigned projects such as, take home reading books, art projects and experiments.

*An AR Library book should be read nightly and returned to school the next day so your child can take an AR test on it.

*Conduct grade is taken weekly from the conduct chart in the take home folder.

*Handwriting grade is taken at random from different work samples.

*Handwriting, Science, Social Studies, and health are graded with S, N, and U's.

*S=Satisfactory N=Needs Improvement U=Unsatisfactory

*Music and Art are intergraded into ALL subject areas.

*Each day your child will bring home their Take Home Binder. Inside it you will find a conduct chart that should be signed each day, homework for that night placed into a plastic sleeve, and any corrected papers your child has completed at school. Students should write each night’s homework assignments in the spaces provided in their take home notebooks. Corrected and graded papers go home once a week usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Please check the notebook each day, sign and return papers as needed (any grades that are D’s or F’s, math sheets, and reading homework), and review corrected papers with your child. A lot of these papers do not carry a letter grade but are done in class for skill practice and should be gone over as a review for tests.