Important Information

Please let me know in writing if...
  • Your phone number changes
  • Your address changes
  • The way your child will be getting home from school changes

School doors open at 7:20 a.m.  ALL 2nd-5th grade students must go to the gym until 7:35.  Then, students are released to go to their classroom. Breakfast is provided in the classroom.  The tardy bell rings at 7:45.  Please remember if you drop your child off after 7:45 a.m. you will need to come inside to the office and sign them in.

2:35  Bus 103, 104, and 105
2:45  Car Riders
3:00  Bus 101 and 116
3:05  Bus 34 and 81

Your child will bring home his/her "Take Home" folder every night.  In this folder there is an "L" side (leave at home) and an "R" side (Return to school). There is also notebook paper and plastic sleeves in this folder.  The notebook paper is one way you and I can communicate.  I check these folders every morning so anything that I need to know you can write it here.  Please do not tear these pages out even when they get full.  In the plastic sleeves you will find study guide(s) and the decodable.  These will need to be returned so I can file them away.  Also, PLEASE send all money in this folder. Money MUST be in a labeled envelope or baggie so I will know what it is for. I can not take any money that is not labeled.  Your child will write down homework in the folder every day.  PLEASE initial this daily!

FREE breakfast is in the classroom EVERY morning!

Our class eats lunch from 11:10-11:35.  Lunch is $2.25.  You can send lunch money or you can pre-pay online.  All money needs to be in a labeled envelope or baggie and in your child's take home folder.  We love visitors during lunch.  Remember you must sign in at the office before coming to the lunchroom.

Please send a snack with your child every day.  Our snack time is at 1:25.