Your child will have a minimal amount of homework Monday through Thursday nights.

Each week a  Study Guide is placed in the first sleeve of your child's take home folder.  On the front of the Study Guide you will find spelling words, vocabulary words, high-frequency words, and skills that your child is expected to know for the week.  Please study spelling and vocabulary each night, as your child will be tested on these at the end of the week.  On the back of the Study Guide is a decodable that goes along with the weekly spelling pattern.  Your child should read this to you each night.  It helps decoding skills, fluency, and spelling.

On review weeks, your child will not have a Study Guide.

Your child will have daily homework in math.  A math homework sheet will go home each day that is aligned with the day's lesson.  Sometimes, we will have time to complete the homework in class.  It is still important that you go over your child's homework for accuracy.  The homework must be returned the next day.  An average is given each nine weeks for math homework.