Class Rules and Procedures
Class Rules:


1.  Listen while others are talking

2.  Follow directions
3.  Respect others and their property
4.  Use self control
5.  Complete classwork/homework assignments on time

    In my classroom, I implement a behavior clip chart. All students begin the day on green or "Ready to Learn". If a student misbehaves, he/she will move their clip down and receive a warning by placing their conduct chart on my desk. If the student moves their clip down another color, they will receive a conduct mark and loose five points from their conduct grade. This will continue for each mishap. However, students will always have the option to move back up the clip chart and while this will not erase conduct marks already earned, it will give students the opportunity to earn bonus bucks. Students will earn one bonus buck for finishing the day on green, two for the next color up, and so on. If they reach "Hall of Fame", they earn five bonus bucks. These bonus bucks will be kept in students' personal bank and spent each week or every two weeks. My Bonus Buck Store consists of various items that students can purchase with their "bucks". 

*Graded Papers will come home on Tuesdays*