Curriculum Information

Language Arts 

The language arts program includes reading, spelling, grammar, and writing. Reading programs include  Wonders Reading Fluency and Comprehension, Word Work, Novel Study Guides, and Guided Reading. The overall focus for our students is to improve their Reading comprehension. The Grammar Program includes Wonders Grammar Practices and other Grammar programs designed to help the students with the knowledge needed to succeed. The Spelling Program includes Wonders Spelling and various spelling programs to engage students with spelling knowledge and proficiency.  The Writing Program includes Wonders Writing and Various Writing Prompts. Writing is to help engage students in authentic written language tasks for a variety of purposes. Writing occurs daily and across the curriculum. Students will be working on developing the various writing process stages.


Our Math Program  uses Go Math! to engage students with the Common Core State Standards in new ways. Lessons begin with context based situations and then build to more abstract problems. Along the way students will use models, manipulatives, quick pictures, and symbols to help build mathematical understanding. Practical, point of use support is built into each lesson for all learners. 


Our Science Program includes Alabama Interactive Science to engage students learning. The Write-in edition allows students to interact and connect to science, making learning more personal. The program  helps students develop scientific literacy so they better understand the world we live in. Interactive Science makes learning science personal, relevant, and engaging. 

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Program includes Social Studies Weekly and various Social Studies Extra-Knowledge programs. We also participate in the program “Liberty’s Legacy”. This program along with the others will provide many opportunities for knowledge growth in 5th Grade Social Studies Standards according to the state standards.