Policies & Procedures

Turning In CW/HW

Students will turn their papers into their class basket AFTER writing their FULL name and Class number. If you do not put your name and number on your work - YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REDO YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND/OR TEST. All of your assignments should be turned in the day that they are due. The only time a student can turn in something late is due to an EXCUSED absence. If the student has an excused absence, they have 3 school days (according to the handbook) to turn the assignment in. This will be THEIR responsibility to turn in the homework. 

Coming to class prepared Before entering the classroom you should make sure you have all the materials that you need. ALWAYS have a library book!! 

Classroom Movement

Students should raise their hand before getting out of their seat UNLESS I give you different instructions. 

Finishing work early

If you finish your work early, then you should read your AR book unless I give you a different assignment.

Restroom Policy

If you need to go to the restroom, please raise your hand and let me know. Only one boy may go to the restroom at a time and one girl at a time. If students begin to take advantage of this, we will have to come up with a different system for bathroom breaks.

Leaving the Room

You are in 5th Grade and when you are given permission to leave the classroom for a specific reason, make sure you complete that reason and come right back to the class. Failure to comply with this could mean stricter provisions put in place for leaving the classroom. 

Homework board & planner

You should check the homework planner to make sure what you are responsible for each day before leaving the classroom. Remember...it is YOUR responsibility to write your homework down!!! 

You MUST get your planner signed each night or you will receive a conduct mark. 

Also, the planner is the BEST place for parents to leave me a note because I will check them daily! 

Money - All money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope or zipper bag with your child’s name, amount, and purpose written on the outside. (Example: Johnny, $5.00, Lunch Money)

Sharpening pencils You will have the first 2-4 minutes to sharpen your pencil. If your pencil breaks, all you have to do is raise your hand and 

either I will sharpen your pencil or give you permission to do it. But if you have 2 pencils in your notebook then you should use your other pencil. 

Transportation - Any changes in your child’s transportation to/from school must be sent to me in writing. 

Conduct Folders - Conduct folders will be sent home every Tuesday. Please review the papers inside, sign, and return the folder. Tests, CW, & HW with a score 60 or lower must be signed and sent back.