Grading Policies

Grading Process 

Students will have many different opportunities to show what they have learned. Grades are determined on a “100” scale. 

Types of Assessments


In-Class work Participation




Oral Presentations

Purpose of Homework

Practice & build on what’s been taught in class.

Complete unfinished class work.

Prepare for upcoming lessons.

Practice responsibility and develop good study habits.

Absent Work 

When a student is absent, he or she is responsible for obtaining, completing, & turning in missed work according to the absence policy. Once students get materials for missed assignments, it is the students’ responsibility to ask me any questions that they have about missed assignments. I am always here to offer support and help.

How Much Homework Will Students Have? 

I believe that the majority of after-school time should be spent with family, or dedicated to extracurricular activities such as athletics or instrumental practice. However, homework is necessary when it is used as independent practice to reinforce instructional strategies in order to achieve higher success and understanding. Therefore, any type of “busy work” will not be given. Students should see me before leaving for the day if they need help with homework.

How Will Students Know What the Homework Is? 

Homework is written on the board every day. Students will have time throughout the day to write assignments in their Assignment Notebooks. All assignments are reviewed before students are dismissed, and the class has the opportunity to ask questions and clarify assignments at that time. Independent reading is an ongoing assignment.