Class Values

Noise level expectations

We are a team and we are here in this classroom to not only learn, but to have fun learning. When we are in the classroom, we should remember that we are inside. You will be allowed to talk during certain times during the class period, but when I am teaching or talking I do expect you to have respect for me and listen to what I am saying. I will have the same respect of you when you are talking to me. When I turn on the No noise light I do expect no noise. This will mostly be during silent reading and testing.


 I know that everyone has their definition of being organized so I am going to give you some freedom when it comes to this BUT you should remember to use your own organization to help you succeed in this class. If I ask you to turn something in, I do expect you to know where to find it and not have lost it. Your given classroom cubby should remain organized and neat at all times. You will be given time daily to straighten up and organize. 

Working in pairs or groups 

When you are working in pairs or groups you should always be respectful of your classmates. You should also talk in voices that reflect that you are inside the classroom.

This is ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT classroom policies. Respect your classmates! Respect your teacher! AND Respect yourself!