~ Reading Class Information

AudioBook links on Youtube if absent Chapter 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7NT6615uLQ Chapter 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vReqyqm6Ink&t=16s Chapter 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2ZqWxBWHYY Chapter 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlleDbUa8NA&t=93s&disable_polymer=true Chapter 11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_NjoUtzFnQ&t=14s&disable_polymer=true Chapter 12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAbzH9G7v8Q&t=58s Chapter 13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myB1KLOeHss&t=666s&disable_polymer=true Chapter 14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zoQSbk_M64&t=218s Chapter 15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCEMOUttbHE&t=361s

Be familiar with the following terms for the quiz. 

Point of View

1st Person: The narrator is a character in the story who can reveal only personal thoughts and feelings. 

3rd Person Objective: The narrator is an outsider who can report only what he or she sees and hears. This narrator can tell us what is happening but not the characters thoughts. 

3rd Person Limited: The narrator is an outsider who sees into the mind of ONLY one character. 

3rd Person Omniscient: The narrator is an all-knowing outsider who knows more than one characters thoughts.  

Elements of Plot

Exposition: Introductory material, gives the setting, creates tone, & presents characters and facts

Rising Action: A series of events that builds from the conflict leading up to the climax.

Climax: The climax is the high point of the story for the reader. Frequently, it is the moment of the highest interest and greatest emotion. It is the point at which the outcome of the conflict can be predicted. 

Falling Action: The events after the climax which close the story.

Resolution: This rounds out and concludes the action. 


Verbal Irony: When someone says the opposite of what they really mean, usually as a use of sarcasm. 

Situational Irony: When the opposite of what is expected to happen comes true.

Dramatic Irony: When the audience or reader knows more than one or more of the characters know. 

Theme: The main idea or underlying meaning of a literary work. A theme may be stated or implied. It is the message!!! 

Tone: The author’s attitude, stated or implied, toward a subject.  

Symbolism: An object that stands for something else

Chapter Questions

Chapter Answers

Chapter 10

1. Describe the rest stop right out of Toledo

2. How does Grandma Sands feel about indoor plumbing?

3. Describe the Buster Brown trademark Kenny sees inside Joetta’s shoe.

4. What secret does Kenny know about, but decides not to share with Mrs. Watson? 

5. Provide one reason why Mrs. Watson was angry about her husband driving straight through to Birmingham, and one reason why she was pleased.

6. Describe the rest stop in Tennessee. 

7. Why did Mr. Watson say they had their “fingers in God’s beard”?

8. What is Kenny’s favorite song? 

Chapter 10 

1. The kids said it looked like it was “chopped right out of the forest and (has) picnic tables made out of giant logs”. It has outhouses which the kids think are disgusting. Mrs. Watson told them to get used to it, because Grandma Sands does not have indoor plumbing. 

2. She thinks a house is a whole lot nicer with the facilities outside. 

3. It is a circle with a boy wearing a hat and next to a dog. 

4. Mr. Watson is planning on driving straight through to Alabama. 

5. She is angry because she spent so much time planning the trip and because it is a long drive for Mr. Watson, but she is pleased because it saves money. 

6. There are no restrooms at all. There is just a water pump and a picnic table. They are in the Appalachian Mountains, and the air is clear and the stars look very bright. There is an ominous feeling, however, when the boys worry about racism. 

7. They were up very high in the mountains, and were putting their fingers out of the car window to feel the cool, night air. 

8. Yakety Yak 

Chapter 11

1. Why did Mr. Watson listen to country music if he doesn’t like it? 

2. Why did Mrs. Watson beep the horn like crazy?

3. Why does the chapter have the title “Bobo Brazil Meets the Sheik” and is it a fitting title?

4. Since the reader is surprised at Byron’s sudden good behavior, what type of irony does this represent? Verbal, dramatic, or situational? Why? 

5. Why do you suppose Byron is acting so nice and respectful to Grandma Sands? 

6. Why did Grandma Sands suggest that Kenny might have to stay with her too? 

7. Since Kenny is still having trouble dealing with the negativity in his world, what part of plot is happening now? 

Chapter 11 

1. The Ultra Glide broke and that was the only thing on the radio. 

2. She beeped the horn like crazy when they arrived at Grandma Sands house. 

3. It is a metaphor for Byron meeting Grandma Sands. It is fitting because it reveals what Kenny is thinking about the first meeting. 

4. It is situational irony because we are surprised at Byron’s behavior. 

5. Perhaps he wants to be good so he can go back home sooner, or maybe he is starting to grow up and act more mature. 

6. She suggested this because Kenny was talking sarcastically about Byron. 

7. It is still the rising action. 

Chapter 12 

1. Describe the weather in Birmingham.

2. What does Kenny compare Mr. Robert to, and why? 

3. How did Mr. Robert save Toddy’s life? 

4. How does Mrs. WAtson feel about Mr. Robert?

5. Compare Kenny’s behavior when they went to the lake with Byron’s behavior. 

6. Why does Kenny think Birmingham is a serious punishment? 

7. Since the parents went out of their way to make sure Byron learns to behave, what would be a good theme for this novel? 

Chapter 12 

1. It is extremely hot and humid. The children have trouble adjusting to the weather. 

2. Both Mr. Robert, and his dog, Toddy, are old and have trouble moving around. 

3. A raccoon drowned him. Mr. Robert pulled him out of the water, turned him upside down to get the water out of him, and then closed his mouth and breathed into his nose until he regained consciousness again. 

4. She does not like the idea that her mother has a boyfriend who is living in the house. 

5. Byron was talking and laughing with the adults, but Kenny was quiet. 

6. Answers will vary. Perhaps because it is so far away and so hot, and Grandma Sands is so strict. 

7. The importance of family 

Chapter 13 Questions

1. Why did Kenny go to Collier’s Landing? Why do people think it is dangerous?

2. Who is the “Wool Pooh”? 

3. Summarize what happened to Kenny at Collier’s Landing. 

4. Explain how Byron reacts to Kenny’s adventure. What does this tell you about him? 

Chapter 13

1. Kenny went there because he is being rebellious and his family told him not to go there. It is very dangerous and boy just drowning in a whirlpool. 

2. It is a character Byron made up when he was talking to Joey. When she asked him what a whirlpool was, he said the Wool Pooh was Winnie the Pooh’s evil twin. 

3. Kenny chased some fish and a big turtle, but then went deeper than he should have. He almost drowned but Byron saved him. Kenny had visions of the Wool Pooh and thought he was dead. 

4. He got very upset and kept kissing Kenny on the head. It shows he really does love Kenny. 

Chapter 14 Questions

1. Why does Kenny feel so weak? 

2. What happened at the church? 

3. Why did Kenny think Joetta was dead? 

4. What false idea did Kenny get when Joetta came home? 

5. How did a mistaken identity save Joetta’s life? 

6. Why did Kenny run down the street in his stocking feet at the end of the chapter? 

Chapter 14

1. He feels weak because he almost drowned the day before. Byron made him promise not to tell the family just thinks Kenny is weak from the heat. 

2. The church was bombed and four little girls died. 

3. He went inside and found a shoe like the ones Joey wears.

4. He thought she was dead and was coming around one last time to say goodbye. 

5. It was hot in the church so Joey came outside for a bit. She thought she saw Kenny leaving so she followed the person. Right after she left the church, it was bombed. 

6. He realized that his parents didn’t know Joey was alive so he ran to the church to tell them. 

Chapter 15 Questions

1. Why did the Watsons return to Flint so quickly? 

2. Why are Mr. and Mrs. Watson so worried about Kenny? 

3. What is the “World Famous Watson Pet Hospital”? 

4. How does Kenny know Byron revealed his hiding spot? 

5. How is Byron treating Kenny? What does this reveal about Byron?  

6. What did Kenny reveal to Byron? 

7. What advice did Byron give Kenny? 

8. How does Kenny change after this discussion with Byron? 

9. Why do you suppose the tone changed from funny to sad at the end of the novel? 

10. What did Kenny learn about adversity? 

Chapter 15

1. They don’t want Joey to find out about the church bombing and they are all very shook up. 

2. He is still in shock and disappearing for long periods of time. 

3. It is a hiding space behind the couch. It is where the Watson’s pets would go if they weren’t feeling well. 

4. His parents sit on the couch and say things like he is such a nice kid, things they want him to hear. 

5. He is treating Kenny with sensitivity and kindness. This reveals that Byron really did change for the better when he was in Alabama. 

6. He went into the church and saw two of the girls that died. He was ashamed of himself because he thought the Wool Pooh had gotten Joey and he left instead of fighting for her. 

7. He said there is no such thing as a Wool Pooh. He also said that Joey left the church because of Kenny and if Kenny had never been born then Joey could have died in the church. He said that although there is hatred in the world, you have to face it, and “just keep on steppin”. 

8. He doesn’t hide anymore, and he starts playing with his friends again. 

9. The bombing was a true event, and it deeply disturbed the people of this country. By changing the tone, the bombing stood out and was taken more seriously. 

10. He learned that the love of his family can help him stand up to adversity and “keep on steppin”. 

Chapter 10-13  Summary

In the end, the trip take far less than three days. Dad drives straight through, while the rest of the family sleeps. Almost immediately after the Watsons arrive at Grandma Sands’ house in Birmingham, Byron’s behavior begins to improve. Kenny takes this opportunity to indulge in some of his own negative behavior. Against Grandma Sand’s warnings, he goes swimming at Collier’s Landing and comes close to drowning in a whirlpool. Luckily, Byron saves him just in time. Kenny is convinced that Byron had to fight an imaginary monster called the Wool Pooh. 

Chapter 14 Summary 

A few days later, Kenny stays at Grandma Sand’s home while Joetta heads off to Sunday school at the local church. After hearing a loud noise, Kenny goes outside and sees that people are running toward the church. There’s been an explosion, and many people have been injured. In a daze, Kenny enters the church to search for Joetta. In the basement, he sees a patent leather shoe like his sister’s, sticking out of some rubble. He struggles to pull the shoe out of the rubble, all the while imagining that he’s fighting the Wool Pooh for it. Then he returns home, thinking that Joetta has been killed. When she appears at his bedroom door, he thinks that she is a ghost

Chapter 15 Summary 

The Watson’s (including Byron) return to Flint very soon, but everyone - especially Kenny - is haunted by the church bombing. Kenny spends most of his time alone behind the couch. Byron tries to help Kenny. He tells him, “Kenny, things ain’t ever gonna be fair. But you just gotta understand that that’s the way it is and keep on steppin” .