2020-2021 Class Book Publication Information

let's do this book writing thing

There are many benefits to being a successful creative writer at a young age. Creative writing helps encourage students to exercise their creative minds and practice using their imaginations. It also helps the students with the ability to come up with alternate ideas, which can broaden their thought processes. Oftentimes we lose creativity as we get older, so I want to encourage my students to be creative, imaginative, and communicate freely and openly through their writing. 

This year, we will be writing, illustrating, and publishing a class book containing different fictional writing stories. Students will be picking a topic from a list of fictional starters and then they will begin this project. Some of this project will be completed at home, but the majority of it will be during the school day. You will be given a chance to order a book prior to the finalization of the book, as well as after it is published. Below are some common questions that parents have every year, but if there is something that is not covered in this letter, please let me know!