Welcome Packet Copy

Welcome to 5th Grade

I am looking forward to teaching your child and anticipating a successful, fun, and exciting year!  Expectations are high for the students this year, and their responsibilities will increase. Students must be organized; complete a more difficult & extensive curriculum and workload; use time management skills to get assignments done; and work to solve problems on their own. At the same time, they will also participate in creative learning activities and demonstrate what they know in imaginative ways.

Welcome Packet 

The welcome packet acquaints you with information about the classroom. Please take time to read and discuss this packet with your child. Also, no one knows your child better than you! So, please complete and return the Parent “Homework” form on the last page of this packet. This page will enable me to know the best way to teach and support your student! Students should fill out the Student Homework as well! 

Parent Support 

I look forward to working with you toward the goal of providing the best educational experience for your child. At home, one good way to review the day’s lessons is to ask your child to tell you about what he or she did in class. Please encourage your child to read, read, read and then tell you about what they read. Students will be required to get their planner AND their reading log signed each night. This will also assist you in knowing what your child is learning and what they should be completing at home. In addition, reinforcing organization and time management skills goes a long way toward achieving the best educational experience possible.

Classroom Communication 

I believe communication is important between a teacher, a student, and parents. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, you can reach me at school via telephone (256) 593-4613, through the SeeSaw Communication App, through the contact section of my school website, and/or via e-mail at samantha_franklin@ecboe.org. I might not be able to respond immediately due to teaching hours, but I will respond ASAP between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. If it is after the hours of 3:30 pm, I will respond the next school day. If you have an emergency, please let me know and I will get back to you ASAP!!

Again, I welcome you to another school year, and I look forward to working with you and your child to make it a fantastic one!

Your partner in education, 

Samantha Franklin



It is VERY important for parents to stay updated with their students' school information. All parents MUST sign up for our class SeeSaw App!! This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to begin the school year! Instructions are included on the communication page. 

All parents MUST purchase a planner that will be used DAILY for communication about homework and important events. This is the best place to leave me a note or question. 

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, you can reach me at school via telephone (256) 593-4613, through the contact section of my school website, through our class SeeSaw App, or via e-mail at samantha_franklin@ecboe.org. I might not be able to respond immediately due to teaching hours, but I will respond ASAP between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. If it is after the hours of 3:30 pm, I will respond the next school day. If you have an emergency, please let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Students should follow these instructions to join my class with their SCHOOL Google account or email address associated with the school. Once a student has joined the class, parents MUST then follow the instructions to join.

Open the Seesaw Class app on iOS or Android. Or go to app.seesaw.me on any computer in Chrome or Firefox browser.

Choose I’m a Student.

Type in the code you were given to join your class. Students will only use this code once. The code self changes every 7 days, so if the code you were given does not work...send me an email at samantha_franklin@ecboe.org and I will send you the new code.

Sign in with your SCHOOL Google account or create an account with your email address and password.


Language Arts

The language arts program includes reading, spelling, grammar, and writing. Reading programs include Wonders Reading Fluency and Comprehension, Word Work, Novel Study Guides, and Guided Reading. The overall focus for our students is to improve their Reading comprehension. The Grammar Program includes Wonders Grammar Practices and other Grammar programs designed to help the students with the knowledge needed to succeed. The Spelling Program includes Wonders Spelling and various spelling programs to engage students with spelling knowledge and proficiency. The Writing Program includes Wonders Writing and Various Writing Prompts. Writing is to help engage students in authentic written language tasks for a variety of purposes. Writing occurs daily and across the curriculum. Students will be working on developing the various writing process stages.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Program includes Social Studies Weekly and various Social Studies Extra-Knowledge programs. We also participate in the program “Liberty’s Legacy”. This program along with the others will provide many opportunities for knowledge growth in 5th Grade Social Studies Standards according to the state standards. 


Our Math Program  uses Go Math! to engage students with the Common Core State Standards in new ways. Lessons begin with context based situations and then build to more abstract problems. Along the way students will use models, manipulatives, quick pictures, and symbols to help build mathematical understanding. Practical, point of use support is built into each lesson for all learners. 


Our Science Program includes Alabama Interactive Science to engage students learning. The Write-in edition allows students to interact and connect to science, making learning more personal. The program  helps students develop scientific literacy so they better understand the world we live in. Interactive Science makes learning science personal, relevant, and engaging. 

Classroom Policies 

Purpose of Homework

• Practice & build on what’s been taught in class 

• Complete unfinished class work • Prepare for upcoming lessons 

• Practice responsibility and develop good study habits

Grading Process 

Students will have many different opportunities to show what they have learned. Grades are determined on a “100” scale. 

Absent Work 

When a student is absent, he or she is responsible for obtaining, completing, & turning in missed work according to the absence policy. Once students get materials for missed assignments, it is the students’ responsibility to ask me any questions that they have about missed assignments. I am always here to offer support and help.

Types of Assessments    
In-Class work Participation
Oral Presentations

How Much Homework Will Students Have? 

I believe that the majority of after-school time should be spent with family, or dedicated to extracurricular activities such as athletics or instrumental practice. However, homework is necessary when it is used as independent practice to reinforce instructional strategies in order to achieve higher success and understanding. Therefore, any type of “busy work” will not be given. Students should see me before leaving for the day if they need help with homework.

How Will Students Know What the Homework Is? 

Homework is written on the board every day. Students will have time throughout the day to write assignments in their Assignment Notebooks. All assignments are reviewed before students are dismissed, and the class has the opportunity to ask questions and clarify assignments at that time. Independent reading is an ongoing assignment.


Coming to class prepared – Before entering the classroom you should make sure you have all the materials that you need. ALWAYS have a library book!! 

Turning In CW/HW - Students will turn their papers into their class basket AFTER writing their FULL name and Class number. If you do not put your name and number on your work - YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REDO YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND/OR TEST. All of your assignments should be turned in the day that they are due. The only time a student can turn in something late is due to an EXCUSED absence. If the student has an excused absence, they have 3 school days (according to the handbook) to turn the assignment in. This will be THEIR responsibility to turn in the homework. 

Restroom Policy - If you need to go to the restroom, please raise your hand and let me know. Only one boy may go to the restroom at a time and one girl at a time. If students begin to take advantage of this, we will have to come up with a different system for bathroom breaks.

Organization -  I know that everyone has their definition of being organized so I am going to give you some freedom when it comes to this BUT you should remember to use your own organization to help you succeed in this class. If I ask you to turn something in, I do expect you to know where to find it and not have lost it. 

Noise level expectations  - We are a team and we are here in this classroom to not only learn, but to have fun learning. When we are in the classroom, we should remember that we are inside. You will be allowed to talk during certain times during the class period, but when I am teaching or talking I do expect you to have respect for me and listen to what I am saying. I will have the same respect of you when you are talking to me. When I turn on the No noise light I do expect no noise. This will mostly be during silent reading and testing.

Homework Planner - You should check the homework planner to make sure what you are responsible for each day before leaving the classroom. Remember...it is YOUR responsibility to write your homework down!!! You MUST get your planner signed each night or you will receive a conduct mark. 

Money - All money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope or zipper bag with your child’s name, amount, and purpose written on the outside. (Example: Johnny, $5.00, Lunch Money)

Conduct Folders - Conduct folders will be sent home every Tuesday. Please review the papers inside, sign, and return the folder. Tests, CW, & HW with a score 60 or lower must be signed and sent back. 

Transportation - Any changes in your child’s transportation to/from school must be sent to me in writing.