~ Vocabulary List

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Vocabulary 

air raid 

attacks by aircraft, especially on non-military targets


something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage 


interested or likely


betrayal of a ruler or government


a large cloak or cape 


made from or covered with gold 


the act of passing or traveling from one place to another


a large cabinet like piece of furniture which serves as a closet for storing clothing 


material used in building walls to hold things together


people who sell things door to door


a small tower


a mythical creature; half man and half goat


bothersome; causing irritation or annoyance : troublesome


merry-making, celebration


a large and luxurious tent


a large dog, now commonly known as a German Shepherd


to give up or resign something


causing sleep or relaxation


a blockade of a strong place to force its surrender

Turkish Delight

a kind of candy, similar to gummy bears 


disgusting; hateful; unpleasant


causing dizziness or lightheadedness


officials of a lower rank beneath a king or queen 


to be in an impatient, bad tempered way


something wrapped in paper in order to be sent by mail 

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Characters 

Lucy Pevensie - youngest of the children and is curious and happy. She is the first of the children to enter Narnia. She is later known as Queen Lucy the Valiant. 

Edmund Pevensie - third oldest of the children. He is spiteful, mean, and likes to tease Lucy. He begins as a traitor against his siblings but eventually sees the error of his ways and returns to the good side. 

Susan Pevensie - second oldest of the children. She is beautiful, kind, and sweet. She becomes Queen at Cair Paravel and is known as Queen Susan the Gentle.

Peter Pevensie - oldest of the children, he is noble and courageous. He is crowned the High King of Narnia and later known as King Peter the Magnificent. 

Aslan - king and god of Narnia, He is shaped in the form of a lion.

The White Witch/The Queen - places a spell on the land so it is always winter but never Christmas. She is the embodiment of evil and hated by many. 

Professor Digory Kirke - an eccentric and elderly professor. He takes the children in so they can escape the air raids in London during WW11. He is wise and open-minded.

Mr. Beaver - Mr. Tumnus’s friend and aids the children in finding the petrified Mr. Tumnus. 

Mrs. Beaver - wife to Mr. Beaver and she is kind, good-natured, motherly, and a good cook.

Mrs. Macready - House keeper and does not want the children making noise or getting in her way.  

Mr. Tumnus - a faun who initially intends to kidnap Lucy and bring her to the witch. He doesn’t and becomes great friends with Lucy. He is actually kind, sensitive, and caring. 

Maugrim - a wolf and chief of the Witch’s Secret Police. 

Dwarf - one of the Witch’s evil henchman and is her right-hand man.

Father Christmas - also known as Santa Claus. He makes a brief appearance in Narnia. He also gives a gift/special tool to each of the Pevensie children.

C.S. Lewis - Irish-born scholar, novelist, and author of around 40 books including the Chronicles of Narnia.