~ Class Values & Procedures

Entering the classroom and Coming to class prepared – Before entering the classroom you should make sure you have all the materials that you need. These include notebook, paper, pencil, eraser, AR book, etc... IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ YOUR AR BOOK OR YOU FORGET IT AT HOME, YOU HAVE THE FIRST 3-4 MINUTES OF CLASS WHILE EVERYONE IS PREPARING FOR CLASS TO TELL ME AND GET ONE FROM THE CLASS LIBRARY. If you do not do this and after an assignment tell me that you do

            not have a book, you WILL receive a conduct mark. 

Morning and Bell Work – When the bell rings you should be in your seat ready

            to begin the day. The morning work will either be on the projection board

            or the whiteboard. Make sure to take a look at what we will be doing that

            day so that you will not be surprised by our plans. 

Going to the restroom - If you need to go to the restroom, please raise your hand and let me know. Only one boy may go to the restroom at a time and one girl at a time.

Teacher Signal – To get my attention you should raise your hand. I will get to

            everyone in the order that they raised their hands. 

Behavior Management system and Rewards and Consequences – We will be doing an activity in a little bit to come up with the rules, behaviors, rewards, and consequences of our classroom. 

Movement in the classroom – Students should raise their hand before getting out of their seat UNLESS I give you different instructions. 

Supplies – please remember to ALWAYS have all your supplies. If there are things that are forgotten this could distract the rest of the class if you have to get up to go get forgotten materials. 

Sharpening pencils – You will have the first 2-5 minutes to sharpen your pencil. If your pencil breaks, all you have to do is raise your hand and either I will sharpen your pencil or give you permission to do it. But if you have 2 pencils in your notebook then you should use your other pencil. 

Noise level expectations – We are a team and we are here in this classroom to not only learn but to have fun learning. But when we are in the classroom, we should remember that we are inside. You will be allowed to talk during certain times during the class period but when I am teaching or talking I do expect you to have respect for me and listen to what I am saying. I will have the same respect of you when you are talking to me. When I turn on the No noise light I do expect no noise. This will mostly be during silent reading and testing.

Desk organization and keeping work organized – I know that everyone has their definition of being organized so I am going to give you some freedom when it comes to this BUT you should remember to use your own organization to help you succeed in this class. If I ask you to turn something in, I do expect you to know where to find it and not have lost it. 

Handing out papers – the weekly classroom helper will hand out papers whenever I instruct them. The helper will change weekly.

Collecting papers – students will turn their papers in to their class basket when they are done unless I instruct them to turn it in differently. When you turn your paper in, the last thing you should do should be to make sure your name is on your page and it is highlighted. This is an organizational tool that will help you keep up with your work. This being said, over the course of the year, these baskets will disappear giving more responsibility to you to keep up with your materials. 

Student name and number - Each student will have their own number and you should always put your number on your paper followed by the first letter of the teachers last name. For example, in my class if you were number 5 you would put 5-F. If you do not put your name and number on your work - YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REDO YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND/OR TEST. 

Labeling assignments – the title of the assignment should always be on the first line of your page. AND YOUR NAME SHOULD ALWAYS BE ON THE PAGE IN THE RIGHT HAND CORNER. If you do not put your name and number on your work - YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REDO YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND/OR TEST. Remember to highlight your name when you turn in your paper. 

Quality of work – Remember that your work will reflect what you think so you should always take pride in what you do. You should also be aware of your HANDWRITING.  As fifth graders, your handwriting should be neat! If you turn in an assignment and there is something that I cannot read, then it will be marked wrong. I do not want to do this but I also know that you are at the age where your handwriting should reflect your age. 

Turning in assignments – All of your assignments should be turned in the day that they are due. You have 2 days to turn in things late BUT you should know that each day the assignment is late, you will lose 20 points per day. There will be times when there might be exceptions. These include being absent or extreme emergencies. 

Finishing work early – If you finish your work early, then you should read your AR book unless I give you a different assignment.

Working in pairs or groups – When you are working in pairs or groups you should always be respectful of your classmates. You should also talk in voices that reflect that you are inside the classroom.  

Lining up – You should always line up in a straight line. We need to remember that there are younger students in our school and if we don’t line up in a straight line, then we aren’t setting a good example for them. 

Homework board – You should check the homework board to make sure what you are responsible for each day before leaving the classroom. Remember...it is YOUR responsibility to write your homework down!!! 

Packing up - I will let you know when you have a few minutes left in the day to pack up before leaving. When you are packing up, this is not the time to go wild but get your things together so you don’t miss your bus or car.