Our Class Rules

Classroom Rules
1. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
This is the main rule of our classroom. When given some thought, it is easy to realize how many aspects of our class it covers. A student would never want to be mistreated or disrespected, hence a student should never mistreat or disrespect his or her classmates, teacher, or other any other individual at the school.
2. Show good behavior outside of the classroom.
This rule applies to any time when our class is in the hallway, lab, library, lunchroom, or at the restrooms. Students should always observe good restroom/hallway/lunchroom behavior.
3. Follow directions.
This is the most simple rule of my classroom. Students, who are willing to do what I ask of them, will have no discipline trouble in my classroom.
 * In addition to these rules, there are certain procedures that take place in our classroom regularly. These procedures are vital to how well our classroom functions. When students fail to follow classroom procedures, it is treated the same way as if they failed to follow the class rules.
** In addition to my own rules, different adults that my students see during the day have their own set of rules.
***As much as I believe poor behavior must be corrected, I believe proper behavior must be commended. When my students follow the rules, they will be rewarded. I incorporate many ways to reward children in my classroom. These include class rewards and individual awards, such as class parties, verbal brags, "good note" sent home to parent, etc.
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